In response to the prayers and supplications of a group of families in the city of Orlando, God touched the heart of Pastor Néstor René Portalatín while in Puerto Rico to go out and build a house of prayer in Orlando. Obeying the voice of God, the Portalatin Family arrived in Orlando and along with that group of brothers and sister who called for a pastor, celebrated their first official worship on Pope Street on June 23, 1987. After a few days, they continued praying and seeking direction from God. They moved to a mobile home located on Powers Street, where they celebrated worship for two and a half years.

On March 3, 1990, the first temple on Pine Hills Rd was inaugurated, which only had space for approximately 90 people. The glory of Jehovah poured into that place to such a magnitude that it quickly filled to capacity, giving them to understand that God's plan for this congregation could not be contained in those four walls. A year later, there was a need to expand the temple And build an attachment to accommodate children and youth during Sunday School. Since God continued to save souls and bring people from different countries, the adjacent land was acquired in which another construction project was started. At the same time the first daughter church was established in El Paso, Texas, lateor on in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

On February 28, 1998, a second temple was inaugurated where the presence of God has been felt for the last 12 years. This temple has been a hospital in a sense for the works that the Lord has done within it. It has been a hospital for the soul, because many have received salvation; For the body, because in Him many have received divine healing; For the spirit, because in Him many have been renewed, and for the family, because many have been restored. It has also been a hospital where several other works have originated after being born first in the heart of this faithful congregation; Which were established in the cities of Winter Garden, Clermont, Haines City, New Orleans, and Barceloneta, PR. All of these were part of what was known as the Council of Christian Pentecostal Churches Inc., which was also founded and established by this congregation.

In November 2008, led by the voice of the Holy Spirit, members of the Orlando Pentecostal Christian Church joyfully welcomed a new pastor: Pastor René Eugenio Baez, Jr. Under this new leadership the church entered a new stage. With a fresh vision of fulfilling the great commission: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

During the summer of 2009, the church received unexpected news: Maynard Evans High School and the Orange County Public Schools authorities reported that they required our church land to build a new school. For many, such news was a strong blow as they face the uncertainty of where they would go in having to mobilize. Confident that the Lord has everything under control, the pastor and his team began to look for a place where they could build a house for Jehovah. After several months of arduous work, documentary processes that appeared to be incessant, in response to prayer and the cry of a people entrusted to their God, on May 27, 2010, the Lord granted the Pentecostal Christian Church of Orlando the blessing of acquiring more than 40 acres of land to develop many of the purposes and projects that are in the heart of the church for the expansion of His kingdom. Certainly God does not forsake his people, He takes what appears to be unfavorable and turns it into a blessing.

The congregation continues to grow in number as well as in its spiritual strength, remembering the importance of giving the best to Jehovah in fasting, praying, studying His word, and maintaining an attitude of humility. We also give thanks to God for blessings, healings, and deliverance, trusting that the Lord will continue to add "daily those who are to be saved." Seeing how God always provides, believing in His word, taking possession of His blessings, And awaiting the fulfillment of His promises, The Orlando Christian Pentecostal Church says with much conviction:

"Eben-ezer, the Lord has helped us so far!"